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Apr 21 '12
Beck - I Only Have Eyes For You (Song 1 // Doug Aitken Art Installation)


“I Only Have Eyes For You” by Beck 

Originally by Harry Warren & Al Dubin

There are songs from the past that just never age. “I Only Have Eyes for You” is one of those songs for me. It was originally recorded in 1934, but found like again in 50’s and 60’s through covers from Peggy Lee and later The Flamingos (the most popular version). In the late 90’s it was featured in one of my personal favorite episodes of Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and now it’s being featured in Doug Aitken “Song 1” art installation for the Hirshhorn Museum in which he’s asked 6 artists to contribute covers of the song. Beck, being the most notable of those artists (others inclube No Age, Devendra Banhart, and High Places), also turns in the most traditional, and in turn, gorgeous, cover. Give it a spin (or head over to Pitchfork to hear all six) and get lost in the haunting, gorgeous, doo wop, pop gem that still feels fresh, but also lost in time. Highest recommendation. 

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    I only have eyes for you//beck ohh, that moment when you are so wrapped up in someone they are the only one who exists...
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    Beck - I Only Have Eyes For You
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    Beck - I Only Have Eyes For You
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    i only have eyes for you (flamingos cover) // beck
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    Loved this episode of Buffy mainly because of this song. It’s a decent cover, though so close to the original as to be...
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    Going to this. Though, this son creeps me out for some reason.
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    …Wow. James really knows how to call ‘em.
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    I feel like this would be playing in someone’s head as they walked into the ocean to drown. In a good way…?
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