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i talk about music a lot, & have a tendency to post songs that are stuck in my head in the hope that they will get stuck in your head instead. you're welcome.

May 15 '12


Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets - A Dog From Hell (And His Good Advice) 

I saw these guys perform at Tropical Heatwave this weekend and was totally blown away. Fucking phenomenal. Can’t wait to see them again at Antiwarpt this summer.

look at all these good faces! i hope they’re actually playing antiwarpt this summer because i haven’t seen them in a year (!!!) and i am going through some serious withdrawal.

2 notes (via laughterkey)Tags: damion suomi and the minor prophets stupid boys in stupid bands also HELLO INTERNET i had a vacation it was Good Times i will probably slowly catch up on tumblr maybe unless i actually go to starbucks for serious business photoshopping tomorrow!

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