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i talk about music a lot, & have a tendency to post songs that are stuck in my head in the hope that they will get stuck in your head instead. you're welcome.

Jul 29 '12


Went to St. Pete today with Lisa to go to Antiwarpt.  We were mostly there to see Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets, since it had been a scandalously long time since we’d seen them, but we also caught some other really cool acts.  My favorite new band was Kaleigh Baker. It’s a little delta blues and a little rock and a whole lot of soul.  I’m going to have to keep her on my radar.  

This video was actually filmed at my fave local venue, The Social. 

1 note (via charmingpplincardigans)Tags: kayleigh baker the social antiwarpt the boys were also excellent obvs and i really like st. pete! all in all good times and lots of snarking about tampa hipsters

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