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Aug 19 '12
Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can (When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King...)


Fast As You Can |  Fiona Apple

“I kept thinking about why Fiona Apple scares people so much. And she does scare people - to the extent that she represents female fury and honesty about how much relationships can ruin you, and also actual mental illness, with her alleged eating disorders and frequent disappearances and occasional interviews where she talks about being raped and not giving a shit what people think.

If Fiona Apple were a man, her idiosyncrasies would be chalked up to her being unique, quirky, wild. She would be Tom Waits. Her strangeness would be part of the package, celebrated. But because she’s a woman she’s “unstable” and “depressed” and “crazy.” I’ve read articles that imply that men should watch out for Fiona, because she clearly hates men and sings about the bad things they do………Why is there such a fine line between angry and crazy for women?

When I was a teenage girl who didn’t understand why boys were so stupid all the time, why they treated me like shit, I empathized with Fiona singing oh darling it’s so cute sweet you think you know how crazy how crazy I am, but that song (“Fast As You Can”) isn’t really about being crazy. It’s about being made to feel like you’re crazy because you’re pissed off.” (x)

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