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Jan 6 '13

So You Want to be a Hipster Superhero!

This year at Dragon*Con, my friends and I will be organizing a hipster superhero group. It started as a joke, but since everyone thinks it will be both fun and funny, we’re gonna go ahead and make it happen. Here are the things people keep asking!

01. Who can play?

Anyone! We don’t care if you’re friends with us or not, a first-time cosplayer or an old hand, a con virgin or veteran- all that matters is that you find the idea of hipster superheroes as funny as we do. (We also don’t care if you like superhero movies or comics or tv shows or fanfiction or just funny pictures of them. I am a very casual superhero fan and somehow I am running this.)

02. What superheroes are taken?

As of this writing, we have people talking about Avengers, Batfamily distant relations, and Deadpool (I don’t know how he fits into anything). But don’t worry about duplicates or whether your superhero is from the same ‘verse as the ones we’ve chosen! Cosplay whatever superhero you want, and whatever version of that superhero you want to be! If you have a jones for Dick Grayson, you can be Robin or Nightwing or Discowing or Batman or new red Nightwing, and you can choose whichever comic, tv show, or movie you want to base it on! (And feel free to Rule 63 your character as well!)

03. What counts as a superhero?

We’re focusing on comics characters, but honestly, if your character is both super and a hero then go for it. We’re not big on rules, and we’re not gonna give you the stinkeye if you claim that Arthur Dent is your favorite superhero.

04. But I don’t know how to sew/cosplay!

That’s the beauty of this! The majority of hipster superhero costumes can be put together on almost no budget with no cosplaying or sewing skills. Hipsters just wear clothes! While you are more than welcome to sew/paint/create things, you can also just go to thrift stores and look for skinny jeans and vests. That’s why we’re pushing this group so early- if you need to thrift for everything, having more notice will help.

The real key is going to be accessories. Design a fake tattoo and put it on with eyeliner, paint a fake band t-shirt (t-shirt tutorial here), get the perfect pair of glasses or the right shoes, and you’ll be just fine!

05. Okay, but, I’m a nerd. I don’t know anything about hipsters!

Lucky for you, I do! I have some pinterest boards with suggestions for how hipsters dress so people can look for ideas. You should also check out Superhero Design here on tumblr and stores like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Modcloth, and Fred Flare for inspiration. Also watch things like Girls, Portlandia, Juno, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!

My biggest suggestion is to pick a character who has something iconic about them- for instance, Thor’s hammer. Once you figure out how to translate that thing into hipsterese, the rest of the costume should fall into place. (It doesn’t have to be something physical! Oracle can be cosplayed as a hipster librarian or, hell, JARVIS as a bartender. You just want to translate something essential about your character into a hipster.) You can play it for laughs (build Thor’s hammer out of empty beer cans) or go more serious (model Thor on Adam from Girls who likes to build things because “it’s more honest.”)

Plus, for serious, hipsters have become such a big part of our culture that some superheroes (well, heroes) (well, twerps in spandex) are ALREADY hipsters. I mean, have you seen Andrew Garfield’s hair? COME ON. There are many stops on the hipster spectrum, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to fit you and your superhero of choice.

06. How do I sign up?

I suggest following the hipster superheroes tag here on tumblr, but we’ll also be posting announcements on twitter and lj since not all of our friends keep up with this site! Once we get closer to con though, we’ll pick a time/place for a meet-up and let people know. You can also post pictures of your work-in-progress to that tag to help motivate people!

If you need help figuring out your costume or have any questions, my ask is always open. The main idea here is to have a stress-free, fun cosplay group for people who like the idea of costuming but can’t be arsed to be hardcore cosplayers. If that describes you, definitely get in touch with us!

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    I’m gonna be hipster Black Widow. Though now that I’m thinking about it hipster Hulk would be hilarious.
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