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Mar 8 '14

Did some fanart of the Buffster while watching her dust some vamps last night!


Did some fanart of the Buffster while watching her dust some vamps last night!

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Feb 16 '14

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Jan 4 '14

Die Young (Buffy fanvid) from kaydee falls on Vimeo.


Die Young
edited by kaydee falls
fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
characters: ensemble
music: “Die Young”, by Ke$ha
summary: “If we can focus, keep discipline, and not have quite as many mysterious deaths, Sunnydale is gonna rule!” Welcome to Sunnydale High.
download: Mediafire (.mov, 49 MB)
disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don’t sue.
warnings: character death

also on DW | LJ

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Jul 16 '13



In addition: Can we talk for a sec about how the show is focalized through Buffy, and as a result, Dawn is seen on the show AS BUFFY SEES HER? Compare sixteen-year-old Dawn to sixteen-year-old Willow or Xander or even Buffy. They have many of the same concerns and priorities, but the text acts like W/X/B’s are valid, whereas Dawn’s aren’t.

I don’t think this is the text condemning her choices, I think it’s the text showing how Buffy sees her- but it’s worth noting before saying that Dawn just makes terrible decisions.

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Jul 14 '13
  • [watching s1 Buffy finale]
  • Simon: Why don't you just shoot me in the face??
  • Murphy: Because that would hurt less.
  • Murphy: I want you to suffer.

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Jun 25 '13



Buffy vs. Orphan Black:

GILES: “The Council just assumed that if they didn’t turn out to be Slayers - if, by some chance, they became perfectly normal girls - they would just live out their lives, and no one would be the wiser. The chance of you all meeting, statistically speaking, was rather small. They never imagined the girls might attract unwanted attention - attention that was meant for you.”

BUFFY: What do you mean, attention?

GILES: Someone is hunting them down. Someone who’s looking… well, looking for you, I’m afraid. But now none of you are safe.

I don’t watch Orphan Black. But I love this.

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Jun 16 '13



Dawn AU: “I didn’t realize that after Dad… I mean, you probably thought I was gone forever. But I’m always going to come back for you, okay?”

(requested by feelingsofthesecondarycharacterssufficientlyobscure)

This. is. brilliant.


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May 15 '13


4x08 - Pangs

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May 2 '12

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Apr 28 '12







In which Dawn, unlike about 85% of Buffy fans, remembers what happened at the end of Season 6. 

Dawn Summers: BAMF. Will set you on fire in your sleep.

And remember, Dawn was the one who always liked Spike. She had a crush on him. She thought he was the coolest. She liked that he had time for her. 

My feelings about Spike are complicated, but my feelings about Dawn are simple. Yes to the bold.

That awkward moment when Dawn, the character most dismissed for being an idiot, is the only one making sense.

I always regret the days I hated Dawn. She is flawless.

Look, I NEVER liked SPike/Buffy, for many reason (high on the list: I don’t actually like Buffy herself…), and I have seen only a handful of episodes of season six, and i don’t think any from season seven, but… Seriously, Dawn, be more awesome.

i am so confused to see a positive dawn post on my dash, you guys. i have been a dawn fan from the start, and she is EASILY the most hated buffy character. i mean, the bff and i walked out of a buffy event at my first d*c because the event-sanctioned dawn bashing was too much! so this is crazy!

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