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Sep 19 '14

jackyboysapprentice asked:

so i saw that several times you mentioned seeing cordelia chase as asexual and i never even thought of her from that perspective and it seems incredibly interesting! and i wondered if you could tell me more? about how you see her & all your ace cordy headcanons? i'm very much here for that


OK YES so right off the bat i just love the idea of a character who is very sexualized by other characters (and to some extent by the show itself) not experiencing sexual attraction, because idk there’s a lot of media portrayal of ace or ace-implied characters as being just completely sexless or unattractive to others, not existing on even the same plane as allosexual people, so that it’s all very smooth and clean and there’s never any conflict of interest and everyone fits into their own little boxes and that’s like. not the way the world works at all. obviously sexual attraction is very very often unreciprocated or unreciprocable and to ignore the fact that many ace people are put in the uncomfortable position of having someone sexualizing them or like at the very least hitting on them is to deny the existence of a very large portion of ace life and what makes being ace difficult

and that’s especially interesting in cordy’s case bc multiple times we see her using other people’s sexual attraction to her to get what she wants. she is no stranger to the sexual world & she very much knows how to operate within it, and idk i just like the idea of an ace character that isn’t ace because of inexperience or trauma or confusion or any of the other stereotypical (though totally and completely valid!!!!) reasons for asexuality in a character. cordy just happens to be that way, is pretty aware of it and is also aware that a lot of people find her attractive, and she deals accordingly

the first relationship we see her maintain for an extended period of time is with xander, and canonically they never have sex (the implication is that xander’s first sexual experience is with faith, AFTER he and cordy break up). there’s some discussion of cordy in early seasons by characters who don’t like her (buffy, willow, etc) that associate her ~*~bitchy prom queen~*~ traits with her having a lot of sex with a lot of people, but we don’t have any reason to believe that she actually does?? 

like maybe by her sophomore year of high school she’s dated some guys, maybe even a lot of guys, to cultivate that image she’s worked so hard on. maybe she has a pattern of breaking up with them whenever things start to get too sexual for her, because she’s had sex a few times and she doesn’t care for it and she doesn’t see any reason to put herself through it unless she really has to. maybe one of the things that she likes about xander is that he never pressures her for sex, and not just because that makes him a “nice guy” but because she doesn’t feel like she’s bracing herself for something she’d really rather not have happen

remember when faith first shows up in season 3 and she says that a good slaying makes her “hungry and horny” and cordy is blatant about the fact that she thinks that’s gross? or remember in season 1 of angel when cordy was way more interested in swinging a rich guy than a /hot guy/ because the greatest excitements in her life were buying new clothes and fighting the good fight? remember in pylea when princess!cordy was supposed to have sex with the (super conventionally attractive) groosalugg and instead they just ended up sitting and talking and devising a plan to start a newer better government? remember how cordy was very much in love with angel without giving us any reason to think that sex had anything to do with it (think about POWER ACE COUPLE cordy and angel, cordy doesn’t like sex and angel can’t have sex with someone he loves, literally meant 2 be)

liiiiiiiike ace cordy in high school ace cordy in LA ace cordy 100% of the time forever and always you can’t convince me otherwise

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Mar 8 '14

Did some fanart of the Buffster while watching her dust some vamps last night!


Did some fanart of the Buffster while watching her dust some vamps last night!

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Feb 16 '14

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Jan 4 '14

Die Young (Buffy fanvid) from kaydee falls on Vimeo.


Die Young
edited by kaydee falls
fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
characters: ensemble
music: “Die Young”, by Ke$ha
summary: “If we can focus, keep discipline, and not have quite as many mysterious deaths, Sunnydale is gonna rule!” Welcome to Sunnydale High.
download: Mediafire (.mov, 49 MB)
disclaimer: not mine, no profit, don’t sue.
warnings: character death

also on DW | LJ

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Jul 16 '13



In addition: Can we talk for a sec about how the show is focalized through Buffy, and as a result, Dawn is seen on the show AS BUFFY SEES HER? Compare sixteen-year-old Dawn to sixteen-year-old Willow or Xander or even Buffy. They have many of the same concerns and priorities, but the text acts like W/X/B’s are valid, whereas Dawn’s aren’t.

I don’t think this is the text condemning her choices, I think it’s the text showing how Buffy sees her- but it’s worth noting before saying that Dawn just makes terrible decisions.

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Jul 14 '13
  • [watching s1 Buffy finale]
  • Simon: Why don't you just shoot me in the face??
  • Murphy: Because that would hurt less.
  • Murphy: I want you to suffer.

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Jun 25 '13



Buffy vs. Orphan Black:

GILES: “The Council just assumed that if they didn’t turn out to be Slayers - if, by some chance, they became perfectly normal girls - they would just live out their lives, and no one would be the wiser. The chance of you all meeting, statistically speaking, was rather small. They never imagined the girls might attract unwanted attention - attention that was meant for you.”

BUFFY: What do you mean, attention?

GILES: Someone is hunting them down. Someone who’s looking… well, looking for you, I’m afraid. But now none of you are safe.

I don’t watch Orphan Black. But I love this.

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Jun 16 '13



Dawn AU: “I didn’t realize that after Dad… I mean, you probably thought I was gone forever. But I’m always going to come back for you, okay?”

(requested by feelingsofthesecondarycharacterssufficientlyobscure)

This. is. brilliant.


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May 15 '13


4x08 - Pangs

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May 2 '12

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