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i talk about music a lot, & have a tendency to post songs that are stuck in my head in the hope that they will get stuck in your head instead. you're welcome.

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Sep 27 '14


Only Living Boy In New York //  Dan Wilson

This is a pretty great tribute to Paul Simon.

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Sep 3 '14
And Then He Kissed Me


"And Then He Kissed Me (ft. Violet Skies)" by Stumbleine

Originally by The Crystals 

… one of the stand out tracks from the sessions is a cover of “And Then He Kissed Me”, the Phil Spector produced, girl-group classic from The Crystals. Here, on this re-imagining, Stumbleine and Violet Skies mix soulful R&B with sweet and dreamy electronic pop and shoegaze soundscapes to craft an ace of a cover. 

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Aug 20 '14
The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers & The Bu Harmonics - Riff Off: Mickey / Like a Virgin / Hit Me With Your Best Shot / S&M / Let’s Talk About Sex / I’ll Make Love To You / Feels Like the First Time / No Diggity (Pitch Perfect (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))


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Aug 12 '14
Bills Bills Bills (Destinys Child cover)


Masquer - Bills Bills Bills (orig. Destiny’s Child)

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Aug 10 '14
Little Mix - Doo-Wop/Never Leave You

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Aug 9 '14
Bastille - Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans (Lana Del Rey) covered by Bastille

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Aug 7 '14
Metallica - Turn The Page (Garage Inc.)



Metallica - Turn the Page

This will always be one of my favorite songs of all time.

One of the few  covers I love more than the original (and I love the original)

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Aug 6 '14
David Bowie - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)


David Bowie’s rare cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by  Joy Division.

A chance meeting in 1983 had David Bowie, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook chatting away over beers in the Kings Arms in Salford. “…So we were all there just having a laugh and we joked that he should come n have a jam with us, then next minute - well, it was the next day actually, but i didn’t expect he’d definitely come by - and we were in the practice rooms and we were playing Love Will Tear Us Apart and I was like, f%$k we’re playing Love Will Tear Us Apart with David Bowie singing, this is crazy. We never released it - Bowie took a recording of it, and just layered some more vocals on for fun, sent it back to me…”


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Aug 1 '14





"Our friend Miche Braden returned to help us show what Guns N’ Roses "Sweet Child O’ Mine" would have sounded like if New Orleans blues legend Bessie Smith had recorded it back in the ’20s. That note at 3:58 was so powerful that the room literally shook…”

the last minute ho shit

Omg watch this


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Jul 25 '14
Matthew Dear (feat. Tegan And Sara) - Pale Shelter


"Pale Shelter" by Matthew Dear ft. Tegan & Sara

Originally by Tears for Fears 

You can also hear Tears for Fears cover Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, and Hot Chip via Soundcloud.

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