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i talk about music a lot, & have a tendency to post songs that are stuck in my head in the hope that they will get stuck in your head instead. you're welcome.

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Apr 16 '14
Oblivion-Katie and Allison Crutchfield



So this is great: Twin sisters Katie (Waxahatchee) and Allison (Swearin’) Crutchfield cover Grimes' “Oblivion” for Rookie Mag.

I’m starting a review of all the great music I found and/or was obsessed with this year and Grimes is pretty high on that list.  Being one of the artists I was really into while recovering makes her a little more dear to me (along with Bat for Lashes) than some of the other stuff I listened to this year. She is amazing and (as much as she hates being called this) adorable and provocative and smart and I just can’t with this lady. 

I’ll post the actual songs too but this is a fun early 60’s-rock style cover of her song Oblivion.

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Apr 12 '14
Lorde - Everybody Wants To Rule The World


Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde
originally by Tears for Fears

c/o annaverity

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Mar 31 '14

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Mar 26 '14
Lauren O'Connell - Dancing in the Dark (Covers)

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Mar 13 '14
Marcus Mumford and Taylor Goldsmith - Atlantic City (orig. Bruce Springsteen) (Mumford & Sons and Friends Daytrotter Studio [10/1/2012])


"Atlantic City" (orig. Bruce Springsteen)  |  Marcus Mumford and Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes)

Click through to join Daytrotter and download the Mumford & Sons and Friends Daytrotter Session now.

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Feb 28 '14
Charli XCX - I Want it That Way (AV Undercover)


"I Want It That Way"  by Charli XCX

Originally by Backstreet Boys

 check out the video at AV Undercover

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Feb 25 '14
Melanie Martinez - Toxic (originally by Britney Spears)



001. Toxic | Melanie Martinez

I took a sip from a devil’s cup
It’s taking over me 


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Feb 22 '14
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Crimson and Clover (I Love Rock'n'Roll)


I don’t hardly know her

I think I could love her

Crimson and Clover

Over and over

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Feb 18 '14
Nico Vega - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Bonnie & Clyde (2013))




Heard the song during the commercial for History Channel’s trailer for their upcoming Bonnie & Clyde movie.

OH my god I can’t decide which version I like better this one or the one from Kill Bill!!! 

JHooly shuit

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Feb 5 '14
Age Of Consent (New Order Cover)


"Age of Consent" by Tape Waves 

Originally by New Order

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