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i talk about music a lot, & have a tendency to post songs that are stuck in my head in the hope that they will get stuck in your head instead. you're welcome.

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Dec 19 '13
Bad Radio - Just A Book [Demo]


(Eddie Vedder sings in French)

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Oct 22 '13
Eddie Vedder - I Won't Back Down - Cover


Eddie Vedder - I Won’t Back Down

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Oct 16 '13

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Aug 9 '13

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Jun 10 '13

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Apr 14 '13

Eddie Vedder


Eddie Vedder

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Nov 29 '12
  • i finally saw eddie vedder tonight.
  • i am having too many feelings to fall asleep.
  • i cried a bit during his first song because THE LONG ROAD. i mean really. how do you not.
  • but then.
  • can’t keep.
  • CAN’T. KEEP.
  • and sobbing.
  • there was a miraculous seat buffer around me.
  • and my inner voice won the fight to keep me from laying on the ground and sobbing like a child.
  • so.
  • his daughters were helping tech for him.
  • I.
  • CAN.
  • NOT.
  • the little one came out to give him a kiss.
  • and i was just clutching my chest
  • crying
  • and whispering “your face, sir. your. faaaace.”
  • also two neil young covers!
  • and elderly woman! hfurhg
  • off he goes by request, which hng.
  • acoustic lukin, which was insane.
  • ridiculous set pieces.
  • so many tears.
  • and now more tears because i made the mistake of looking at last night’s setlist. he played black and wishlist and last kiss and CLOSING THE TAB GAH.
  • and the whole time i was sitting in the middle of this theater having an emotional breakdown, i was comforted by the fact that i was surrounded by pearl jam fans.
  • i knew nobody there would judge me.
  • because they would all understand.
  • except maybe for that one shouty republican.
  • but fuck her.

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Nov 21 '12

067-068|100 Favourite photos of Eddie Vedder

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Nov 16 '12

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Aug 19 '12

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