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Jul 9 '14


Having too many feelings about Kel and her tall short-haired Hufflepuff no-magic protector of the small honest patient military as all get out self to sleep

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Aug 22 '13

"Sir, I learned so much from you," [Kel] said at last. "You’re the kind of knight I want to be."

He regarded her with the strangest expression in his eyes. “I am not,” he said. “But that you believe it is the greatest compliment I will ever receive.

Squire by Tamora Pierce. (via burningbrightlyone)

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Apr 18 '13



So, as I’m rereading the Alanna books, I notice more now than ever how different Alanna’s time was compared to Kel’s. Not because everyone knows Kel is a girl, but because of how different the times were in each book. In Alanna’s books, King Roald was known as “the Peacemaker” so there wasn’t a whole lot of fighting going on. So consequently, knight training could be a bit more relaxed. I noticed how much free time Jon, Gary, and Raoul got as squires and knights. In Kel’s books, I don’t think free time existed. Kel’s time was a wartime with everybody on their toes. I am just super impressed with how much development Tammy put into her world from one generation to the next.

i’m rereading the kel books right now and i’ve been noticing this too. i love that even things like the training schedules and practices are different, because someone different is in charge now. it’s also great to see which things are still tradition and which practices have gone away or sprung up. (the beka books give this a whole new depth, cos you see the world 100 years earlier and there is just so much detail.) the amount of thought that tammy puts into these books KILLS ME, basically.

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Sep 21 '12
  • Neal: You're the oldest ten year old I've ever met.
  • Kel: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Neal: It means I'm trying to justify myself the fact that the best lesson I ever had on chivalry came from someone five years younger than me.

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Aug 8 '12
Before she had seen her room, she had planned to wear tunic and breeches as she had for the journey. She’d thought that if she was to train as a boy, she ought to dress like one. They were also more comfortable. Now she felt differently. She was a girl, she had nothing to be ashamed of, and they had better learn that first thing.
Protector of the Small, Book 1: First Test by Tamora Pierce (via miraclerizuin)

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Apr 9 '12
Was this what was meant by the realm? Or was it other things? A little girl with a muddy doll, Burchard of Stone Mountain livid with grief and rage, a King who admitted a law was wrong, Lalasa in her bustling shop with pins in her mouth. If they were the realm, then so were griffons, sparrows, dogs ugly and beautiful, Stormwings, foul and sweet-tempered horses, Spidrens. If she owed duty to the realm then it was not the dry withered thing it sounded in peoples mouths. Duty was what was owed, good parts and bad, to keep the realm growing, to keep it as fair as life could be kept. Duty was an old man, snug in his fur lined robe, snoring lightly somewhere behind her.
— Keladry (via songofthelioness)

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