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Jul 21 '14

lisapizza asked:




p sure dick would be a terrible avenger, always trying to hug shit out with the rest of the team. (it’s true about dave though, twitter wouldn’t lie to me.)

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Jul 6 '14

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Jun 25 '14

My friends, making sure I don’t miss the important holidays next year. 

i hope boston is ready for the buttravaganza they’re getting next spring.


My friends, making sure I don’t miss the important holidays next year. 

i hope boston is ready for the buttravaganza they’re getting next spring.

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Apr 27 '14

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Apr 14 '14

lisapizza asked:

i am having all these feelings about the differences in dick!bats and bucky!cap today and what taking up those mantles must have meant to each of them. why are you so far away where i can't yell at you for ruining my life with these dumb comic boys, move already, gosh.


YOU COULDN’T HAVE WAITED A MONTH AND A HALF TO HAVE THESE FEELINGS? LIKE, SERIOUSLY, LISA. (I have this mental image of us waiting for Bemis to come on at that concert, just waving our arms and yelling about comic books and ostracizing EVERYONE AROUND US. So, you know, us at a concert. It will be so nice to go to concerts with you again!)

I actually had a whole conversation with Rachael the other day about the Bat kids and how the reason they fight is so different from the reason Bruce fights…

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(OH MY GOD YOU’RE GOING TO BE HERE IN A MONTH AND A HALF??? i haven’t consulted my mom about her countdown calendar in a while, this is SO EXCITING. i can’t wait to alienate the people of boston with you ♥)

so i haven’t read either run but i DID read steph’s run (with dick!bats) and i’ve listened to you babble about both of them a lot so obviously i am an expert in all things related to stupid boys in masks now.

anyway, i was just thinking about how dick, as both robin and nightwing, brought light to gotham. like, he tried to shine a light into those dark places, he brought humor and family and joy. but when he became batman, it felt to me like he had a real struggle to balance that light with batman’s darkness and make it all his own. for a while, that darkness swallowed him up and he needed a dick (hah) of his own to remind him why he loved being a superhero.

but for bucky, it was the opposite. steve was always the light to his shadow, and a century of shadows couldn’t have been easy to put aside. was it hard for him to pick up the shield? was it hard for him to put it down again after and go back to the shadows?

(and then i was thinking about jason, and where he would fit into all of this, and ha ha i hate all these stupid boys with all their stupid feelings SO MUCH UGH KEEP YOUR COMIC DISEASES TO YOURSELF.)

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Apr 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a link to the Bucky and Dick Grayson fic?


I do, Anonymouse!

Colliding on a Backdrop of Blue || The Winter Soldier has started to malfunction and wander off after completing his missions. His handlers chase him to Blüdhaven, where they get more of a resistance than they expected from the local vigilante. (Bucky Barnes/Dick Grayson, Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff)

This is still lisapizza's fault. I feel like I owe her more Dick/Bucky too, but I can't remember what it was supposed to be about. (Though after last night, maybe it should be about Dick!Bats and Bucky!Cap.)

UM, YES PLEASE. (it might have been the coffeeshop au from #starbutts? or it might have been the one about dick being a lightweight and bucky taking advantage of that fact. you did write me the buttlympics though, so at least there’s that.)

(btw if any of you did not read this fic you REALLY, REALLY should.)

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Apr 5 '14




I love Batman fans who are passionate about Nightwing.

Mostly because I love all aspects of Batman just as much as they do, but also you get SUPER SERIOUS STRAIGHT-FACED statements that start with


I am a child.

That is all.

And then you have charmingpplincardigans, who says the straight-faced stuff, and then bursts out CACKLING. 

She just really likes Dick, okay?

I mean, SOMEONE has to think I’m hilarious. It might as well be me. Also, I do really love Dick. And I love that my friends decide on an instance by instance basis whether they’re going to understand it as capital d or lower case d. It keeps life exciting. 

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Feb 19 '14




that character who’s super emotional and outgoing: asexual

that character that flirts with everyone: asexual

that character who canonically has a ton of relationships: asexual

That sounds like a challenge. Also like a thing lisapizza might be interested in. 


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Feb 6 '14

Lisa said she’d mail me half a pastry.


Last time that half a pastry got you 12,000 words. If you mail me a cider donut you can have 20,000!

Tim pushes a piece of paper across the counter to her. She doesn’t touch it. “What is this?”

"It’s a rubric," he says. "If we use quantifiable data we’ll alleviate some of the prejudice in our preferences." 

Natasha raises an eyebrow. 

"Each physical asset gets five points and each emotional asset gets two."

She runs her finger down the page as she reads. “I didn’t know an ass could be confusing. I always figured it either was or wasn’t.”

Tim blushes. “It was a long summer.” 

"I’ll bet." Natasha hadn’t been given the opportunity to have an adolescence. She can count on her hands the number of times she’s blushed or had butterflies in her stomach because of a man. In general, she doesn’t think she’s missed anything. Sometimes, though, she finds it endearing in others. 

"Can we get this over with? This shit itches." 

Natasha turns around to see Dick and James standing just outside of Dick’s bedroom. Dick is in his Nightwing costume. James is also in a Nightwing costume, though it’s pulling at its seams and the torso is drooping down his waist, too small to be pulled up over his chest and shoulders. 

She starts laughing. She can’t help it. It just bubbles up out of her like water from a drowning dog and before she knows it she’s sat on the floor cross legged with her forehead in her hands. “And I thought the old red, white, and blue was tight.” She wipes a tear from the corner of her eye.

James snarls a bit.

"I figured it would be more fair this way," Dick says. 

Tim comes from around the counter and points to the wall next to the television. “Right,” he says. “Hands against brick and spread ‘em.” 

"Tim Drake, where did you pick up such crude lines? You’re not allowed to hang out with Jason anymore," Dick says, but he obliges. James follows suit.

Tim bends down to pull Natasha up again and they both settle on the couch, paper and pen in hand. 

It only takes five minutes for them to fill in the boxes on their prospective sheets and then they move on to arguing their points. 

"Who cares if you can bounce a quarter off it?" Natasha says. "Have you tried that with a 50 caliber bullet? Because that’s when it truly gets impressive."

"We don’t do guns," Tim says. "And besides. You can’t tell me you’ve never taken a bite out of that." 

"Oh honey, I’ve drawn blood, but I’m not a cannibal, so  until we serve him up with some warm red wine the assumption that one’s ass is ‘edible’ is conjecture, not fact."

"I bet it’s gamey anyway." Dick turns his face to look at James in profile and Natasha can see the start of a smirk there that she knows will drive James absolutely wild. 

"Says the man whose rump meat could have fed the Donnor party for a week," James replies, stoic mirth creeping in around the edges of his voice. 

"With generous rations!" Dick pushes away from the wall and rests his hands against his lower back with a loud smack. 

"Can I take this off yet? It’s starting to chafe." 

"And you’ve only had it on for fifteen minutes."

"There’s a reason we wear loose slacks in the army, son." James pushes back from the wall as well. He throws his own smirk Natasha’s way and then smacks Dick on the ass as hard as he can before disappearing back into the bedroom.

The sound makes Tim jump. “Y-yeah,” he says. “Go on then.”

Once the door is closed they confer for a few more minutes before settling back onto the couch in silence to wait. From outside they hear what sounds like a dozen bowling pens falling into a bathtub and a loud laugh. Those sounds are shortly followed by a near obscene, guttural noise that Natasha knows well.

Natasha rolls her eyes her eyes and crosses her arms. Tim’s gone red around the ears and is holding himself very carefully down to his breath, so that he doesn’t breach the several centimeters between them. 

"You know," he starts. 

"Not gonna happen," she says. 

"I’d never. I don’t thi-. No, we could go out for food, bring them back something. They might need it. And with all due respect, you scare the want right out of me."

She pats his knee and leaves her hand there a beat too long, just to show him that she can. “Good,” she says. “That’s the way it should be.”

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Dec 31 '13

Cards Against Humanity.

  • Brian: I can't wait for KL to write erotic fic about Bucky with dickfingers.
  • KL: Uh, I've already written erotic fic about Bucky with Dick's fingers.

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