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May 10 '12

a note to people who post wrong information about republic of thieves in the republic of thieves tag:

hello! i’m lisa, your friendly neighborhood book stalker! just so we’re all clear: there is still no official release date for republic of thieves. various sites have agreed on the fall, but some (google play, gollancz) are saying 2012 while others (amazon) are saying 2013. but until scott lynch tells us for realsies, those dates don’t mean much!

(“but how will we know when scott finally announces it?!” you ask. simple! follow scott on twitter or lj, sign up for his magical release date mailing list, or keep on eye on the republic of thieves tag. approximately 13 seconds after we get an official date, i will be in here keysmashing and swallowing my own tongue. YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO MISS IT.)

2 notes Tags: republic of thieves this post is mostly because i feel like a jerk every time i message someone to burst their bubble re: a release date BUT IT MUST BE DONE i take my job as a book stalker very seriously i've been doing it since before i knew what the internet was lj smith's publishers are probably relieved that i don't call them anymore gentlemen bastards i'm hoping the gollancz thing means we get an official announcement soon though!