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Jul 8 '14

i fnished “a year and a day in old theradane” today and SHOCK OF SHOCKS, i would read a billion more words about these assholes. it’s so terrible that my favorite author writes so many wonderful things, my life is the hardest, etc etc.

i guess i’ll read the rest of the stories in rogues now, even though there is no possible way for them to measure up.

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Jul 5 '14
Some of you are surprisingly sharp, and some of you have no idea what the fuck is going on. I really fear for you, you may need professional help. But I love you all equally.
— Scott Lynch on fan speculation (i assume i’m in the second camp)

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Jul 5 '14
Lots of Bisexual Threeway Unicorn Fucking
— Scott Lynch’s new title for book 6 (previously (tentatively) called The Mage and the Master Spy)

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Jul 5 '14
They’re gonna fuck a unicorn in Book 5.
— Scott Lynch on the Sanzas and their sex lives

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Jul 5 '14
Eventually shock value loses its shock, and then what have you got?
— Scott Lynch on cursing, armed with a barrel of horse piss probably

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Jul 5 '14
Scott Lynch’s Lies of Locke Lamora, he’s so dreamy.
— Scott Lynch, channeling me on his favorite book/never fail book rec

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Jun 15 '14

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May 28 '14

lessliesthanpreviouslythought asked:

Since you made pizza non existent in Camorr and since Locke and Jean both have culinary skills, couldn't they invent pizza in some way? If they get tired of the whole trickery lark (if they ever could) they could set up a restaurant! Every thief in Camorr would be clamoring for Locke and Jean's pizza :D


The evolution of pizza from a Roman-style flatbread is now an essential plot point for a future book. I dunno which one, I just know I can’t keep these poor people deprived forever. Antibiotics, sanitation, gunpowder? Fuck ‘em. Pizza? There must be pizza. It is known.

i would like to rescind my earlier comments re: scott lynch being a monster.

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May 24 '14

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May 24 '14
Locke does some very bloody things in the book that I think are perfectly reasonable, and at least one quieter, cleverer thing that I think is an unforgivable moral lapse.
— Scott Lynch on Locke’s morals in (presumably) Lies. (“presumably” because red seas was not yet out when this interview took place.) anyway, what do you guys think the quieter, cleverer thing is?

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