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Feb 11 '14

So I always see these ‘My otp makes me cry every day’ posts


And I am just sitting here because my Otp doesn’t hurt.

George and Alanna are in a great relationship where, yes while they don’t always get along, they manage to work everything out and it is good. They love each other, love their children and grand children.

They are like my ideal relationship. And they never make me cry. They just make me so happy and hopeful for real love.

Thank you for giving me a relationship standard that was good and healthy. One that showed love as a good thing, not a tool used to hurt people or control them. They never say ‘If you loved me you wouldn’t go on this dangerous mission’. They say ‘I love you. Please come home from this dangerous mission.’ I hope to someday have a relationship like theirs.

sometimes george and alanna make me cry because i think about how awful it will be if one of them dies before the other because PERFECT LOVE, PERFECT RELATIONSHIP, PERFECT PEOPLE.

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Nov 19 '13

Really lazy doodle of Alanna right after she is visited by the Great Mother Goddess. I always imagined that when she used it it emitted a fire-like glow only she could see?


Really lazy doodle of Alanna right after she is visited by the Great Mother Goddess. I always imagined that when she used it it emitted a fire-like glow only she could see?

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Nov 12 '13
He was stupid. If I killed everyone who was stupid, I wouldn’t have time to sleep.
— Tamora Pierce, In the Hand of the Goddess. (via fytortall)

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Nov 10 '13









Both pieces of art belong to Minuiko

but also, one of THE VERY BEST THINGS about these books, is that you can see real change. it’s hard, and it’s slow, and it’s a constant battle, but societies change and people change and norms change. it’s so perfect and beautiful and amazing that by the time kel is training to be a knight, there are little girls everywhere who want to be like her. the stories of alanna and daine and kel spread like wildfire, and women around the world cling to those stories and bring them into themselves to help create more stories.

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Oct 24 '13
Neal had a gift for making someone want to punch him just for saying hello
— Tamora Pierce, Page (via meetfandom)

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Oct 23 '13
Badgers. They always have to be wiser and grumpier than anyone else.
— Flicker from ‘Wolf-Speaker’ by Tamora Pierce (via turnyourumbrellaupsidedown)

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Oct 10 '13

fiercedandelioness asked:

I thought it was a Tortall/Mulan crossover as well and was like holy shit Neal would squash Mushu with his boot while explaining to Mulan that if she really wants to be a knight she just has to hang out with the right crowd and he's probably flirting with her and blushing let's be real and Mulan is all wtf is with this kid until Kel exasperatedly peels him off and offers to introduce her to Alanna and Neal sputters and is like DON'T LADY WILL SCARE HER OFF PLEASE KEL dammit now I need this

shang and lord wyldon facepalming in unison every time neal talks, chien-po & friends taking owen and his cousins under their wings, merric singing a “a girl worth fighting for” on marches until peachblosson bites him. INTERNET, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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Oct 10 '13


meanwhile neal is singing i’ll make a man out of you to a confused mulan.

i thought we were doing a tortall/mulan crossover and now i’m sad. (mushu would drive neal C R A Z Y why isn’t this real?)

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Sep 21 '13

notanoriginalurl asked:

Can you say more about Tris being asexual? I missed the post where this was brought up originally. I think it's a really interesting theory. Its not how I read it but when I was reading the books, I had never heard of asexuality - its a very new idea to me so I'd love to hear more. Especially in regard to TP!


The only recent post on Tris and asexuality was the ask from earlier today. We have talked about it in the past though. A few months ago, I think.

But for a quick overview, Tris is viewed by some people as falling somewhere on the asexual spectrum, which means she does not, to one degree or another, experience sexual attraction. This is the most basic definition. For more information please check out the list at the end of the post.

It is not explicitly stated in canon how she identifies, and pretty much the only things said about Tris and sex are a few vague statements of books being more important and some unfortunate experiences with boys in her mid teens. (Additionally, please do not assume that because she had a few short relationships that ended pretty horribly that this is what made her asexual. This can be an inaccurate assumption that many sexual people make. Asexuality functions the same as any other orientation in the sense of it being a part of who you are, acknowledged or not.)

In regards to Tamora Pierce’s other works, I believe Tris might be the only character who can be read this way. (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.)

And if asexuality is something new you’d like to know more about, here are a few resources you can check out:

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)

The AVEN wiki


i also read kel as falling on the asexual spectrum. she has crushes, but (a) she’s not necessarily aromantic, (b) they could be read as squishes, and (c) hormones/society can mix a lot of things up for you. in her relationship with cleon, she’s not shown as being terribly interested in sex/making out/having a relationship, except when he’s around and making things happen. she gets frustrated with people for obsessing over sex and relationships, and she’s one of the very few female main characters ANYWHERE, not just in tammy’s books, that ends her series solo and 100% happy about it. even if she’s not asexual, she’s a great role model for those of us who are.

(i’ve also seen raoul read as demisexual. and honestly, a case can be made for plenty of other characters, depending on how you interpret their actions. i’ve seen a compelling argument for tony stark being on the asexual spectrum, so the sky’s the limit.)

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Aug 22 '13

"Sir, I learned so much from you," [Kel] said at last. "You’re the kind of knight I want to be."

He regarded her with the strangest expression in his eyes. “I am not,” he said. “But that you believe it is the greatest compliment I will ever receive.

Squire by Tamora Pierce. (via burningbrightlyone)

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